Market Gear Trade Sharing Module

Trading the markets shouldn’t be lonely. With Market Gear, you can share a single trade, an account, or all of your accounts with just the people you want. With just a few clicks, you can backtest and visually analyze each other’s results. Give each other feedback so you can improve in the future.

Share Securely

Grab an authentication key and share it with a single user or group of users. You control who sees what in your account, and you can revoke it at any time.

Custom Profile

Create your user profile, including choosing your icon, so people can see who you are and what your experience is. You can share your trades openly so people can choose to follow your business.

Build Your Education Business

Give traders confidence in your system by letting them see your results as far back as you want them to. With Market Gear, you have the tools to show traders how well your trades work with little effort.

Trade Staging

Take sharing to the next level! Set up a trade and drop the setup into your followers' platforms so they can analyze it on a chart and decide if they want to take it for themselves. Or just save it for yourself. Staged trades will remain until deleted.

Share Your Notes

Take detailed written notes about your trades and share them with your friends and followers. Everything you attach to a trade can be shared with others so they can learn.