Broker Partners

Connect to Your Favorite Broker

Market Gear connects through various APIs to several major US stock brokers. Whether you already have an account with one or need to open an account to get started, you can connect your account with ease and be up and trading in no time at all. Some of them even have virtual accounts to practice trading.

Stock Commissions Free Free Free Free
ETF Comjmissions Free Free Free Free
Options Base Fee Free Free Free Free
Options Cost per Contract $0.65 $0.40 $0.65 $0.50
Special Offers on Options Contracts None $50/month max* $0.50/contract over 30** None
Virtual Accounts? No Yes No No
Charges Regulatory Fees Yes Yes Yes Yes
OTC Stock Trades $6.95 per trade $7.00 per trade $6.95 per trade $4.95 plus $0.01/share

*ChoiceTrade offers options trading with no base fee and $0.40 per contract, with a monthly maximum of $50. After $50 in contract fees, any additional trades are free. Effectively, all accounts pay for only their first 125 contracts per month.

**eTrade offers options trading with no base fee and $0.65 per contract for 0-29 contracts per month. For 30 or more contracts in a month, the fee is $0.50 per contract.