Market Gear Trade Journal Module

Successful traders analyze their results, but most platforms don’t offer the tools necessary to do this well. Outside tools that cost anywhere from $50 to $400 a month offer reporting and analytics that amount to a spreadsheet. Market Gear allows you to do this faster, better, and visually.


Trade first, worry about the journal later. Our system automatically recognizes what type of trade you are placing, from #longstock to #ironcondor and automatically tags each trade when it is executed so you don't have to.

Add Your Own Hashtag

Add more hashtags of your own choosing to a trade whenever you want. Your journal is saved forever. If you decide that certain trades have something in common, add your own hashtags to be able to sort results in a way that makes sense for you.

Deep Analytics

Review your trades however you want. Market Gear's reporting is extremely flexible and makes it very easy to drill down into specific types of trades and see your profitability results however you want to look at it. You won't find a more powerful journal for traders out there.

View Your History on the Charts

See the results on the charts! Our journal is not just about spreadsheet reporting. You can see your past trades visually and hover over the trades to see the gains and losses. There is a power to seeing your results over time.

Click to Know

Click on anything in the journal to dive deeper into the numbers driving that data. You can get down to the individual trade level, focus on your overall results, or see which trade types have made you the most over time.