Market Gear AI Components

Market Gear has now added several components using the latest AI models to help traders find stocks, run scans, learn about strategies, and analyze their trading results on the fly.

AI Trade Journal Analyzer

We took our industry-leading Trade Journal and made it better using AI. Ask the Journal to analyze your results, and you'll get a synopsis of your trading, including a breakdown of where you are successful and where you aren't without having to do it yourself.

Designed to Save You Time

You can add additional hashtags to any trade, even after the trade is closed, and then ask the AI Trade Journal to generate a review of just the trades that have a specific hashtag. Or, separate your long-term stock trades from your options trading with ease.

AI Screener

Have a full back and forth conversation with our screener instead of manually picking and selecting your data points. You can even save your conversation and pick it up again at a later date to refine the results. Make your screens as narrow or broad as you wish with ease.

AI Analyst

Research a company and get full information on where it sits in its industry. Our results change daily based on the latest information. Compare the leading stocks in that sector with your stock to find the investment that suits you.

AI Coach

Ask our AI Coach to tell you how certain types of trades they work. It's like having a mentor right in the platform. Learn how various strategies work and when to deploy them properly.