Market Gear Research Module

Market Gear makes research fast and easy. We offer cross-tabulated fundamental data from earnings to cash flow to insider trading to institutional ownership, and you can dig as deep as you want with just a few clicks.

Just the Facts

Sort through numerous data points about money flow, balance sheets, ratios, and everything you need to understand a company's fundamental status before you make an investment.

Fast and Visual

Learn everything you want to know about the company you are looking at investing in at some of the fastest speeds in the industry as the platform delivers results on the fly.

Institutions and Insiders

Need to know what insiders are doing with their shares? Curious how funds and institutions are behaving with theirs? Market Gear knows.

Actionable Data

Find the most fundamentally stable companies with the biggest earnings, revenue growth, and projections, and figure out investment strategies to optimize your returns on those companies.

Money Flows

Learn which funds and institutions are buying your favorite stocks, and then cross-reference those funds to see what other investments they are making.