Market Gear Cryptocurrency Module

Market Gear now includes cryptocurrency data. Build your custom charts, get full information about over 200 coins, analyze trends and large trade block data, and see what part of the world is doing the most trading in each coin.

Unique Crypto Dashboard

Market Gear now allows you to monitor and analyze cryptocurrencies along with your stock and options trading. Compare prices between exchanges, analyze the current supply, and view different cross pairs in one dashboard.

Full Suite of Indicators

With over 50 indicators to choose from, Market Gear takes crypto charts to the next level. Add as many as you want, and save unlimited profiles. Choose from indicators that are displayed on the chart or below.

Follow the Flows

Unique data can show you how money flows in and out of different coins. You can see the number of large trades (over $100,000) and where the trades are occurring around the world. You can also view what percent of trades are in or out of the money.

Fundamental Analysis

Get complete profiles of the highest-traded coins, including direct links to their websites and social media for quick, easy access. Find communities of traders talking about the coins on Reddit and other Social Networks.

Trading (Coming Soon)

Connect your favorite cryptocurrency exchange and trade directly from the platform. The charts will show your open, pending, and closed trades including all of your PnL data. It even works with our Trade Journal.