Market Gear Options Module

Our options module makes even the most complex options strategies visually easy to understand. We have templates that allow you to stay focused on a single strategy, but also allow you to switch between over 20 set options strategies such as Iron Condors and Bull/Bear Spreads.

Basic Options Chain

View the main options chain to sort through the various options pricing you are looking for and consider different strike prices and expirations with ease.

Trade from the Chain or Not

Use the visual ease of our options module to trade directly from the chain, or click to open a standard order ticket if you want to look at things differently.

More Than 20 Options Templates

Sort through a variety of templates to stay focused on a single strategy and adjust your strikes or expirations with a simple click to view the different risk/reward parameters.

Backtesting for Years

Take your best strategies and backtest them going back nearly two decades with data that allows you to see how a trading strategy would have played out. Put it on the chart to see it visually!

Real-Time Options Scanning

Scan the markets intraday for options pricing that fits your needs. Most platforms can't offer this feature, and those that do charge up to several hundred dollars. It comes with our Master Kit.