Market Gear Trade Central Module

With Market Gear, you can customize your homepage so that the information you care about most is always the first thing you see. Choose your Watchlist and then select from charts, quotes, and news pods to view the markets your way. We call it Market Gear Central. Select the type of chart and periodicity with ease and link the charts to your Watchlist to easily switch symbols.

Watchlists for the Modern World

Create as many Watchlists, including scan results, as you want and switch between them with ease to view the stocks you want while also being able to quickly click and change the charts.

Charts...Linked or Free

Assign a chart to an area of Market Gear Central and decide if the symbol is sticky or linked to a watchlist, so you can either focus on one thing or flip through the stocks you want.

Rearrange with Ease

Add the pods you want and then hit the Rearrange button to drag them into the order that you want. The system remembers what you selected for the next time you log in so your layout will always be what you want.

Link Your Widgets

Choose which charts, news, and quote boxes change when you select a stock from your Watchlist. Want to see a daily and 5-minute chart of the same stock when you select it? No problem. You can link up to 100 charts.

Your Favorite Scan

Make your Watchlist show the results of your favorite scan directly on Market Gear Central. Stocks that meet your criteria will update in real-time throughout the day so you are never left without a trading idea.