Market Gear Alerts Module

Alerts in the Market Gear platform allow users to receive app, SMS, and email notifications with detailed customization options. Let our servers tell you when things are happening so you don’t have to watch.

More Than Just Price Alerts

Customize your alert settings to get notified based on price, indicators, and fundamental data, and use percentages or hard numbers to determine how far away from a trigger you are notified.

Choose Your Delivery Service

Choose your preferred method of notification between in-app pop-ups, SMS texts, and emails. You can even type a message to yourself that comes with the alert so you know what you were thinking about when you set it.

Single Stocks or Full Watchlists

Decide if you want your alert to be based on a single stock symbol or an entire Watchlist. Don't be limited to entering each alert individual like other platforms.

Set. Repeat.

Decide how long your alerts are valid and also set them to trigger just once or repeat over and over in case you miss the first one.

Get a Daily Alert Report

Choose the information you care about most and get a daily email summary of the stocks in your Watchlist that met each of your key thresholds so you know what happened in a glance.