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Our iOS app is a full-featured Stock Trading Platform in the palm of your hand.  Available in the App Store.

Includes Research, Charting, Options, Trading Functionality, Journaling, and more.

Unified Experience on Any Device

iPhone and iPad

Fast, Easy, Highly Visual, Intelligent Research

Designed with simplicity and speed in mind, we deliver information only when you need it. Starting with a visual overview of the Invest4 rankings with the ability to drill down to the level of detail you want.

Using our dashboards, you’ll understand more about the company faster. With proprietary rankings, you will see a well-rounded view of charts, Insider and Institutional, valuation, and fundamentals.  It’s all here – organized intelligently!

Trade with Your Broker

Market Gear integrates with many of the top stock and options brokers. Open an account or connect your existing one today. You can see everything you need about your account right in the platform, including your positions, order status, account balances, and history. Your broker also seamlessly integrates with the Trade Journal for detailed historical reporting.

Not ready to risk real money or want to try out some new ideas?  Market Gear offers Virtual Trading Accounts.  Start with $100,000 of virtual money and trade RISK FREE.

Customer Rating of Features

Ease of Use

Stock Functionality


Options Features



Love the platform, especially how user friendly it is.

Ann W

I like it a lot and I like the scans,

Daniel A

So much useful information

Barbara M

I like it. great functionality.

Kathy W

I like the clearness of the main page. Easy to use.

Beatrice F

It is easy to use and the different layers to get more specific information

Ben M

Very Easy to navigate through

Catherine T

Great. Scans and Research

Robert F

I like the ability to make trades and see how they do without having money in the game yet

Brad B

I find the Scans to be a valuable feature. I also appreciate the Journal.

Bruce S

It has LOTS of information.

Carla J

Spans beginner to expert use - amazing - so grateful for it!!!

Carolyn S

It's fantastic

Wilson M

It is a great tool/

Cindy S

I find it amazing. Navigation is great and the depth of available information is helpful.

Carolyn C

It's amazing. I'm impressed by how much I can note what I've done, and personalizing what I see and how it's displayed.

Carolyn C

it provides a lot of info and the charts are clear and easy to evaluate

Claudy Z

The amount of helpful information.

Daniel S

I like the amount of information given.

Daniel S

Love it. Easy to use. Large variety of features.

Darla V

Very comprehensive. I like that you can get deeper as you want or see surface levels quickly

David C

the platform is easy to navigate

Melvin N

informative, depth of information

Steven P

best I've seen

Dr N

easy to use, the thing i like best is the way you can go back and forth between items and the depth of research that one can do.

Don H

There is so much information available and many ways to display. I need a bigger monitor!!!

Donna D

Love it! User friendly

Maria E

Various levels - overview to detail

Eric G

I like the scans and the journals

Eric G

I like all the research that can be done and the ease to move from screen to screen

Shon F

It's the best I've seen, exceeds anything I might try to conceive to make me a better trader.

Jon H

What I like most is all the information it provides in finding and evaluating stocks/options.

Daniel D

I think the platform is excellent

Ihor W

I've become quite familiar with it and like it.

Ihor W

The variety of screens to help get to the right decision and the journal.

Jim P

The Platform is awesome.

Joe S

I like the scans - journaling - heat map and research and more and more

Joan D

It's very detailed and very informative

Joseph P

Great! Like scans and training on strategies.

John M

Enormous amounts of data in very accessible formats.

Jonathan B

Great platform with a lot of tools

Karsten K

I like all the detail available if you want it and all the simplicity available at a glance.

Katherine H

very thorough, like the various 'roads' to get to a destination and how each 'road' is connected/intertwined; love the journal feature!


I think the platform is intuitive and easy for a complicated topic. There are several ways to get your desired result.

Lenaya T

very powerful with all the information you need

Jeff L

lots of information. very good platform

Lucy J

It is visually informative. The simplicity of the elements decrease visual confusion and allow for clear thinking toward a successful decision.

Lynniel V

All the detailed research and particularly the scans to help find valid options to trade.

Marilyn I

yes I like it, everything

Michael B

very good, how it pretty much covers everything

Thomas M

very good, very detailed

Thomas M

The platform is easy to use and is loaded with features and information.

Michael N

I like how comprehensive it is and how it ties directly to accounts to accelerate/automate the trades and keep a journal you can tag

Stephanie Z

I like the platform's layout, I can go directly to the area I need through the tabs at the top. This makes it easy to quickly check on the info I need.

Maria F

the high amount of detailed information

Nick S

the high amount of detailed information

Nick S

It is an amazing tool for assessing the stocks for trade decisions.

David A

very easy to use. good information and presented clearly

Paul S

The integration with my TD Ameritrade account is seamless. The overall platform is very user friendly.

Ricky S

What great thought was put into this platform. It is tremendously complex, but not intimidating.

Rich O

Really robust and the UI is the best I've seen compared to other platforms. Love the backtesting too. I feel like I have a secret tool.

Vik V

easy and clear to use

Selane T

Yes, Like the platform very much. Journal and trading with broker in paper trade and live account.

Sharlene T

It's very helpful in cutting down time on trying to find potential stocks to trade.

Sharon R

I am learning daily more ways to use it, I like it's capabilities

Raymond S

Very functional, extremely versatile

Scott S

love it! ease of use

Lawrence R

very informational at a glance, really like the dashboard feature and heat map

Steve K

like the color coding to track trades, love the insight feature

Suzanne E

It's very comprehensive

Sylvain C

it was made perfectly for trading

Mark W

I think its great ... so many useful tools ... love that you are doing this education

Tess H

finding so many useful tools ... the info on journaling is priceless!!

Tim C

Easy to navigate even for the inexperienced

Timothy C

Great! Like scan's and research.

Tim C

This program is easy to use.

Tony H

I can find just about anything to do with trading within the platform.

Jimmy L

The fact that the platform will not give me whiplash trying to do different things on different tabs, I really like the ease of use

Wes M

Love the platform: color coding and visual aids: depth and breadth of tools and choices. We only work with options.

Jill M

Incredible. Everything is there.

David W