Market Gear Gives You the Stock and Options Trading Tools to Succeed

Powerful and approachable, the Market Gear online trading platform takes your trading to the next level. Easily connect with your brokerage account to take advantage of detailed, visual charting, an industry-leading trade journal, real-time alerts, and so much more. 

Market Gear is customizable and portable, so you can trade when and how you want. Becoming a better trader has never been easier.

When you sign up for our Signature Kit for as low as $65 per month, you have access to:

  1. Complete charting package with customizable chart profiles that carry over to your mobile device
  2. Advanced options templates and full backtesting mode
  3. Unique Trade Journal with complete auto-tagging of trades as well as cross-tabulated trade results


Market Gear Registration

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Analyze Your Results

Successful traders analyze their wins and losses. The Market Gear trade journal makes this easy with comprehensive and flexible reporting designed to help you improve with each and every trade.


Advanced Custom Charting

Charts are a required tool for trading. Market Gear charts include more than 50 indicators, plus the ability to show trades, orders, and prior positions on your chart. Track your account visually.


Up Your Options Game

Our options module makes even the most complex options strategies visually easy to understand. Choose from more than 20 options templates, backtest your best options strategies, and scan the market intraday for options pricing.

Connect With Your Broker

Market Gear connects to most major U.S. brokers. Connect an existing Ally Invest, E-Trade, ChoiceTrade, or TD Ameritrade account or open a new one to start trading in no time.